Saturday, February 28, 2009

Saturday Shopping

Well, I finally decided my sheet situation was no longer acceptable, so I spent the day shopping.... Geez, what a pain. But I have sheets and a duvet cover that fit...

When I go to get on the metro, I decided I would try to find this underground mall someone told me about at the Okhotny Ryad metro stop near Red Square. She told me it might be hard for me to find. One thing I remember people asking me when I first got here - was if I was good at finding places.... Well, those that know me well know I get lost in Nashville, but amazingly I have not been lost here! I think it is because here getting lost might be kind of bad - but in Nashville, I can call my friends up and they will give me directions!

So, I find the underground mall. Funny, alot of Moscow is underground. I think there are some underground tunnels that are now a tourist attraction.

In this mall, I am thinking I might find a department store that sells housewares..... Of course, this is Russia.... only clothes and shoe stores.... with very nice,expensive brands.

Shoes are extra important here in Moscow. Shoe stores everywhere, and shoe "remont" - repair... A girl at work said she could tell I was American from my coat and my shoes.... they are functional, not fashionable.

I did manage to find banya shoes. It was so funny - I knew I had to buy them because they say "Hot pepper - Don't burn yourself!" They are probably too big, but oh well, they are flip-flops to be worn in water.

Tonight on the metro, I saw a girl in a pair of boots with a very high heel. I've done some research on the internet, and found a picture...

Yes, they DO wear these.... on the ice.... As I was researching Russian Fashion, I came across a few sites I found quite interesting. I learned a few things... You might enjoy them. (some comments might contain foul language or reference to sex - this is Russia.... so, if you will be offended, don't look at these links - and don't come to Russia!).


I really hope this can give you some insight as to what I have been describing... Bob, you finally get to see pictures!

Back to shopping- so, no luck at the mall. So, I take the metro to 1000 Things. This is the best store I have found.... Most like Wal-Mart - without the food.

So, I go to the sheet section - and start looking. As you have learned, fashion here is quite different. Some very unusual sheet patterns. I want something simple! Then, I start to notice there are ALOT of different sizes of sheets - not the 3 or 4 we have in US. These sheets are expensive too! So, I think about how hard it would be for me to return sheets if they didn't fit (not sure that is even possible). So, I need something to measure my bed with..... Luckily 1000 Things has tape measures!

With my new and improved Russian - I tell the lady I want the tape measure - I already forgot the word, but it started with "r". Knowing where the accent in words are is hard here - as it is not written. Whenever I tell people I live at Dobrininskaya - somehow, because I do not get the accent right, they mis-understand the whole word...

So, I measure my bed. 200 x 180 CM. I go back to 1000 Things, because I want this over! They close at 8, and I got there about 7. So now I know the size, but geez - talk about some ugly sheet sets.. So, I decide if I can find my size, I am going to take it! Finally, I settle on a set that is light blue with some white dogwood flowers... I'll take a picture sometime soon.

Oh, I also bought a skillet today! So, I went to the grocery store tonight, and made myself an egg and cheese sandwich for dinner! I am very happy! In the grocery store, the music being played in the store - I am pretty sure the guy kept saying "vodka" and then playing music over and over.....

Today is really the first day I have felt like this was home. I feel like the "survival mode" may be easing up. I have food and water, know how to get around, and can speak a bit better. Also, last night, I went to a party with work people - so I have met a ton more people. I guess it is not so strange that the people I meet are much like me - adventurous! Guess you'd have to be to come here.

I really think I'm going to like it here. I will be very glad when I am more fluent in Russian though..

But, things are good!

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