Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Things in my house.....

Me in my banya hat! My cow magnet I bought for 14 rubles at the grocery store.

Spices, pasta, coffee, cereal and pita bread.
Regular water and mineral water... not so sure about the mineral water. It is popular here for health reasons, but I guess it is an acquired taste.

Orange juice, pomagrante juice and milk.

Vanish (I believe this is like bleach), bathtub cleaner, something like Woolite and fabric softner.

Aloe infused beauty juice! The yogurt drinks are very popular. I thought I'd try it out and see if it works!


Mom said...

I love your hat now if only you had some flipflops you would be dressed for the banya! Glad to see that you have some healthy food.

Kirk, Reid and Connor said...

Hey Michelle - I'm enjoying reading your blog. Just had to comment on your picture of the frozen pizza...we have that exact same brand in Brussels and we love it! Glad to catch up on how things are going in Moscow. Hope we'll get to make it there sometime before we head back to the States! Take care...