Sunday, March 1, 2009

NYM Yoga

After being here 6 weeks, and now knowing how to keep myself fed, I decided it was time to find yoga. I had seen an ad for an English-speaking class on Sundays at 6pm. I called the teacher, and found out where the studio was last week, but I did not go until today.

I did go to Red Square today - I'll post pictures tomorrow. Sadly, or maybe not, there were no bears.. Singing, dancing, drinking, pancake eating... And I bought a little scarecrow!

Here is a link to the studio.

My yoga friends will know what I mean when I say you can pretty much tell the moment you walk in if you will like the studio. I did! It was a relaxed vibe. Lots of tilework and white-painted brick - I think it was an old house. It is off Arbat street, which is really nice. There is a cafe, and a library and even a spa I think in the studio. (I also want to add that in the shoe pile in the yoga studio, I did not find ANY spike-heel boots! Yoga people are really much more practical and down to earth, and I was glad that proved the case here in Moscow as well!)

I had not done yoga really in the 6 weeks I've been here - other than some reclining twists on the floor of my apartment. Immediately, I felt like I was home. Yoga brings you back to yourself like nothing else can. My body needed that so much. My hips are tight from so much walking, and for some reason my left arm was sore. Forward fold was the best.

It is quite comforting that even some of the same music from my classes in the US was playing. I thought about the time difference, and I think I was doing yoga at the same time as my usual class in Nashville. For me, the music reminds me of all of the times I have met myself on the yoga mat. All of the times I wanted to quit because it was too hard. And, all of the times I would come out of Sunday morning yoga completely different than when I went in. I brought my Krishna Das CD's with me - I knew if I was going to have a meltdown - that would probably help me!

I can't tell you how nice it is to return to normal life and experience the small luxuries like going to yoga instead of trying to find things to survive.

I'll post pictures tomorrow. I am going to finish watching "Twilight." I am supposed to get satellite tv on Wednesday - now, I am not sure I really need it - there is so much you can watch on the internet! Oh well.

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