Sunday, February 1, 2009

Pictures of my new apartment!

Here is my bedroom. I cannot figure out if the bed is a king or a queen. A friend from work has given me sheets till I can make it to Ikea next weekend.

Chandelier in my bedroom. Never had one of those before!

Living room to balcony view. The bottom half of the balcony is obstructed by some pvc particle board (which will be removed). I asked the landlady what the purpose for it was, and she said something about privacy..... I really don't think anyone can see in this high up.... But, they will also put curtains over these windows... which I believe I will open!

Another view of the living room. I sure have alot of storage space..

A view from my balcony.

I discovered today that I am near a theater. There seem to be lots of interesting cafes and restaurants.

More to come!!!

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