Friday, February 13, 2009

Russian Valentine

I really was going to try to send something through email, but it was all in Russian, and it would take forever to figure it out... so, I thought I'd put a few images here! I am told the translation of this one is "I like sweets, especially you!"

I do not see any particularly "Russian" valentines here, probably because it is a US Hallmark Holiday. Most of the paper cards I saw in the metro had kitty cats on them. I wanted to buy some, but never did.

Happy Valentine's Day!


Mom said...

Love the Valentines..Do they have shops in the Metro?

Michelle said...

Yes. There really is no centralized shopping area here - so, near every metro there are little kiosks. I'll try to take some picture. They always have a kiosk that has magazines and cigarettes, maps, and little trinkets. It is quite common to see people just set up - hanging stuff on the walls of the perekod (underground crossing)... I have not bought anything from such shops yet!

Kozan Bob said...

Michelle, we (hell, I) really miss you; you know how there's certain people you talk to about certain stuff? It's kind of like when someone dies.

What's your best email these day?

Michelle said...

Bob, you should get a webcam and we can chat. I think mine cost $30, and with Skype it is free.

Peoplepc is still my main email, I check it daily.

I'll send you something I sent yesterday.

Sharon said...

Hi, Michelle

Sharon said...

Michelle, I've enjoyed going back through your posted pictures. The architecture of the subway stations is spectacular. The info about the baths was so interesting. I'd be interested to know the average Russian's attitude about STalin. I think he was one bad dude. Don't know how much you can say.