Sunday, November 23, 2008

A picture of me in Moscow in September 2008

This is a test!

Currently, MY plan is to fly over either January 12 or 13th, and start work on Friday, January 16th. However, I still have much to do before I have my visa and work permit.

Here are some answers to some frequently asked questions:
  • Q: Do you have a place to live in Moscow?
  • A: No, not yet. I will be in corporate housing for a month. I will find something then.

  • Q: What are you going to do with your kitties?
  • A: Grace and Ginger are going to live with my brother in Kentucky. I sure will miss them.

  • Q: Do you speak Russian?
  • A: About 5 words right now. I will have language lessons in the office. English is spoken in the office, but I certainly want to know more. I have been studying the alphabet!

  • Q: How cold is it in mid-January in Moscow?
  • A: Well, they just had their first snow, and it is about 30 F. I am learning the conversion between C and F, but seems to me if you add 30 to C you are pretty close to F. So, yes, it is cold, but I think it is colder in Minnesota.

  • Q: What is Russian food like?
  • A: I was only there a week, and only ate "russian" once or twice. But, from my first impression, there is alot of meat in the Russian diet. Lots of beef stroganoff..... potatoes, beet soup. I did love the little dumplings! I had some really good pizza too. I think you can find whatever type of food you want.

  • Q: Are you going to drive in Moscow?
  • A: No, I am not. Traffic is very bad, and the metro is very good. I look forward to not having to drive. No gas, no parking, no car insurance! I think a monthly pass for the metro is about $14.