Thursday, February 26, 2009

Maslenitsa (Pancake week)/Drunken Bear Wrestling

I found out yesterday it is Pancake Week! Apparently, it is a Pagan holiday "for letting the long-annoying winter out and the long-awaited spring in." They burn scarecrows to say goodbye to winter. Also seems to be associated with indulging in eating and drinking before Lent somehow.

Here is a site about the holiday and traditions. Please look under the "history, and traditions" tab. Fist fighting and bear performance....

So, when researching what happens on Maslenita, I found this article -
about drunken bear wrestling in Red Square.

I really thought this was a joke. I thought nothing could shock me anymore. But, the idea of bears drinking vodka and wrestling....

So, I asked this girl at work, and she say "yes, we have bears here." She then sent me a picture of a tiny bear cub she saw in St. Petersburg....

Things are just different here....

The pancakes here are pretty thin - but are made of the same kind of batter. Some are filled with jam, butter, meat or cheese. Like French crepes.

So, I am certainly going to Red Square on Sunday - although I'm told I probably will not see a bear... But, maybe some fighting?

I will certainly provide an update of Sunday's activities!

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