Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wednesday night

Not much exciting to report. I have been working alot. I found my favorite frozen dinner at the grocery near me. It is chicken and rice, but it has some curry and maybe cinnamon spices - with peas, corn, peppers and raisins in it. Glad to know there is something I can count on.

I am doing pretty well with the stove, although sometimes it is still a challenge to light. Good thing the buildings here are brick and not wood.

Well, Saturday is Valentine's day. Almost everyone I know here will be gone out of the country. I plan to try to visit Lenin's tomb. For those of you who don't know, Lenin's body has been preserved since 1978, and you can go see it. It is free admission, but you have to wait in line. Oh well, I have nothing better to do!

Here is a link to a site about it:

I tried to make an appointment at a spa, but told they were completely booked because it is "lovers' day."

We have a holiday coming upon February 22nd - Defender of the Fatherland Day (Men's Day). Should be very interesting. There is also "Women's Day" in March I believe.
Men's Day falls on a Sunday, so we are off on Monday.

We plan to go to the banya Sunday evening. This should be a very interesting experience.

I hope everyone back home is doing well.

What I have learned so far - is just about anything is possible.

Das Vidanya.


vapid babble said...

How was Wednesday night?

Kozan Bob said...

What's a banya?

Michelle said...

Banya is "russian bathhouse"...many people have their own small banyas at their dachas "summerhouse". Should consist of sauna and pools of differnt temperature water. Kinda like the cold plunge at GrayBear.