Sunday, February 15, 2009

Entrance to Red Square

I believe this is the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

This is considered the center of Russia - yes, I know geographically that is impossible. You stand on this spot, make a wish and throw a coin over your shoulder. I have not done it yet.

I was debating on going to McDonald's but decided to eat in the Gum Mall. Fried chicken and potatoes (which were quite good).

This was a sign in the restaurant. I need to figure out what it says.

Gum (гум)Mall
This place is quite beautiful. It is very expensive shopping!
Saturday was Valentine's Day. At first I thought that is why I was seeing girls in wedding dresses. However, I have found out that it is a tradition for newlyweds to get their pictures made at tourist sites around town!

A mosaic inside my metro.

Shopping in the metro. Mom had asked me about shopping in the metro. This is in the underground cross at my metro.

I made a snowman on my balcony! I used straws for his arms, eyes and mouth!


Aunt Shirley said...

Like that snowman. He needs a hat and a pipe!

Danny & Nancy in PA said...

Gee Whiz Michelle!.. Sure wish we were with you. Looks like you are having fun with all the sights & sounds of Moscow. I've sent a few of your posts & pics to friends and colleagues. You are becoming quite the writer. Nancy and I are both very proud of you. Keep your notes and turn them into a book before you come home.

Love, Danny & Nancy

Michelle said...

Thanks Whittles! I appreciate your kind words! Anyone is welcome to come visit me in Moscow, mind you Russia is not the easiest place to get in!

Yes, I have had several comments about my writing - I guess I never really had to use writing to communicate with the world. I enjoy telling my stories.

I know you will be in BG next weekend. Mom and Dad are sorry they will not be around to see you.

Take care!

Das Vidanya