Saturday, February 7, 2009

Moscow Metro

I found this website a while ago.

This person has done an incredible job of capturing the metro, like I will never be able to do.... Remember, my station is Dobrininskaya.

Another really intersting and funny website. I love the writing style of these guys. This is a link to the "metro photos" section, but you could spend hours looking at all the stuff here.

I tell you, I have laughed so much here....Just the little things - like, sometimes the water just goes off... this morning in my shower that happened. What to do? Well, a friend had suggested to fill up the empty 5 liter water bottles with tap water when I'm done with them for this specific purpose.. Luckily, the water came back on. I finshed, and dried off with the little kitchen towel I've been using for a week:) Things can be a bit challenging here, but I choose to laugh...

So, there is a restaurant near my metro called My My, which is pronounced Mu Mu (they are obsessed with cows over here. I believe it is the year of the cow in Chinese astrology). It is a buffet, and has a menu in English, you can point, and it is cheap. Well, last weekend when I was still starving, I decided to go. I had chicken noodle soup, chicken in mushroom sauce and potatoes, and it was like $6.

Here is a pic of the restaurant.

Well, later today on Arbat Street, there was another My My restaurant. Katie took my picture with the cow.

Here are some other pictures of Arbat Street.

Here is a Georgian restaurant I ate at my first week here.

Well, now I have hummus, pita bread, cheese and crackers and orange juice and towels. I think I've gotten the food part under control now, so I am feeling much better.
When my friend left tonight, he called me and told me the Cuban embassy is just to the north of me (an area I have not walked yet). I'll try to get some pictures tomorrow.


Kozan Bob said...

I think the picture of you with the cow is my favorite so far. Keep posting!

Michelle said...

Thanks Bob! I thought you would like the one of the hats too... I hope you checked our englishrussia, that kind of reminds me of you.

DrEm said...

Hi Michelle -- great site. I just had lunch w/ Sid and he gave me the address. By the way -- your restaurant sign says "The best diet is a juicy meat cutlett!" - compliments of a Russian co-worker. Stay warm, Emily T.

Michelle said...

Hey Emily! I am just now looking back at some of my older posts. Thanks for the translation! :)