Monday, December 8, 2008

Do you know where Moscow is located?

Honestly, I had to pull out my world map to find Moscow. When I saw how far west in Russia it was, I was excited because it was so close to Europe. I was even more excited to find there were direct flights from NYC and Atlanta.

From what I have seen, the very western part of Russia is considered "Europe" by some maps, and the eastern probably 7/8ths is considered "Asia." Russia covers 10 time zones.

Click on the link below to view a map of Russia!

Click on this link to see the 10 time zones .

More pictures from Moscow

Well, there is nothing new to report, things are moving along as planned! I thought I'd post some more of the pictures I took in September.

The yellow building is a governmental building in the Kremlin. The word "kremlin" means "fortress." The Kremlin is a walled area with official buildings and many churches.

The red building to the left is a museum, I believe. It is right off of Red Square. Very beautiful!

Some examples of Russian Orthodox Icon painting on the outside of a church in the Kremlin.

A beautiful church with golden domes. I asked my Russian guide what the significance of the dome shape was, and she told me that it signified the flame of a candle.... I certainly need to learn more about the Russian Orthodox religion!

I have no idea what this building was, but I thought it was very pretty!