Saturday, January 31, 2009

Ice Sign

Today, as I was walking around with a friend, we came across a sign made out of ice. It had an arrow, and said something and 2009.

I signed my lease today for my new apartment, and will move tomorrow. Click on a link for the Moscow metro. I am on the circle line (brown line)- sort of in the southern center.

I am actually closer to the Dobrininskaya metro than Polyanka. So, it is one stop to Paveltskaya to work.

Oh, and I also figured out how helpful "google find" is in map feature. I typed in "grocery" and found a really good one less than 10 minutes walk - so I will be able to find good food now!! And, in addition, my new place is near McDonalds! But since my landlady and my realtor gave me demonstration of how to light the gas, I may be ok :)


Sharon said...

Michelle, I'm really enjoying following your adventures in Moscow. Your pictures have been great. Keep up the good work. Sharon

Mom said...

I love the picture of you by the ice sign. You look so happy. I also like your new apartment. Thanks for the pics.

dad said...

Sweetie, you sure look pretty by the ice sign. I looked at the snow pictures and am glad it's there and not here. I love you and it looks like you're having a fun time. Be careful, whatever you do.:) Dad