Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Ok, so I saw very few of the things they teenage guys put on facebook. Here is what I did see that I found quite amusing:
  • I did see a very young boy trying to buy beer in the grocery. Thankfully, the clerk would not sell it.
  • However, right outside the grocery store on the main street early Sunday evening, I saw a girl about 12 drinking some "King's Bride" premixed canned drink.
  • In the metro, you see people selling all sorts of things.... One quite creative service to offer is a "weighing service." Just take your bathroom scale, and see if people will pay to get on it!
  • This morning on TV (it seemed to be a music channel), people had submitted pictures of drunk people passed out... I must say I saw somethings they would NEVER put on US tv.
  • The fashion I saw was quite tame compared to Moscow - however, at the airport, I saw a lady in a pink fur coat with spike heels, along with a woman wearing flip flops...(it is not warm here! it was snowing a bit this evening)

Kyiv is much cheaper than Moscow, and I really enjoyed that part. I think tonight, I'll just post a few pictures, and leave the sightseeing ones for tomorrow.

It is good to be home. And it is really feeling like home more everyday.

Here are some pics of my apartment building in Kyiv!

Don't worry, I didn't open the door for any strangers!

There was a really good Georgian restaurant right around the corner. I ate dinner here all 3 nights! Was very good - and cheap too.

Kyiv is really beautiful. It built on 7 hills (I think). Beautiful parks and buildings and churches.

I'll post more tomorrow!

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