Monday, March 2, 2009

Photos from Sunday Pancake Celebration! (and sheets)

When I walk from my house to Red Square, it is usually pretty easy... Not yesterday. Because of the crowds, they had one central entry point, where you went through metal detectors. I did not know this, so I got to walk all the way around the Kremlin. You can see in the picture below - the red brick is the outer edge of the Kremlin. This is a view from the bridge.

Looking the other way on the bridge.

On the way....

So, now we are behind St. Basil's Cathedral. This is the scare - a - crow for the celebration!

Russian folk music and dancing! As you can see it was quite crowded. I did not have any pancakes - but I had some Friday night - homemade by a Russian Girl!

My Scare-a-Crow I bought for $1.
My Sheets!!!!!!!

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