Monday, March 9, 2009

Sergiev Posad - Russian Vatican

So, after Abramstevo, we decide to take the train a few more stops to Sergiev Posad. As you saw, the train station was deserted, so there was no way to purchase tickets.... We took our chances that we would not get caught by the train police. Actually, here you can pay on the costs a bit more, but I guess you are paying for the convenience.

We arrive with no problems, and start walking to the city center. Here is a picture of a wooden house with huge icecicles (I really don't know how to spell that word).

Here is the first view of the Trinity Monastery.

I don't think we realized we were at the Russian "vatican"...

Here is a link to information about the place. (I hope you read these links, because they contain important facts that I do not want to re-type!)

Our walking route took us by this little building. It was a well house. We went in. Apparently, this is holy water. You can buy water here. It was quite interesting.

The entry way. People were making the sign of the cross, kissing the icons. We did not know we were at a Lavra - the highest ranking church in Russian Orthodoxy.

Since I had been yelled at eariler in the day for taking pictures, I was trying to limit myself - as there were clearly signs posted NOT to take pictures...
I am not sure if this is the same building, but one place we went in had frescoes on the ceiling - of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden and being cast out. It was amazing artwork. Who knew this was in Moscow?

Another holy-water place.
I am not exactly sure what the little lights mean, but I really liked them. I need to research Russian Orthodoxy.... especially so I can know when Easter is here!

I was pleased about our journey. I certainly want to go back to Abramstevo in the spring (or even again in winter). The pine trees are so tall - it really reminded me of Colorado - and people were cross-country skiing - although there were some hills that would have been deadly.

I may have a friend that wants to go to Sergiev Posad - so I would do that again as well..

My next adventure will be doing my taxes....:(

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P'burg Bob said...

I remember visiting this place in '93 when it was still called Zagorsk. No photos were allowed then either. My friend from Moscow kept watch while I surreptitiously took a few photos. As it was winter it was easy to hid the camera in my heavy coat.