Thursday, March 19, 2009

Kyiv Sightseeing!

This was a church near my apartment.

I hear that Kyiv is laid out on 7 hills. This was one of them!

I believe this is the house of the "crying widow" you can see how the stone has become stained and it looks like tears.

House with Chimeras
I found this to be one of the most fascinating buildings I've ever seen.
Please read about it here!

In Ukrainan - this says "President Ukraine" People like to have their pictures made here!

I found this amusing. This is a sign for Papa John's Pizza. So, this is what he looks like?!

Lover's Bridge... people put locks here to symbolize something... I suspect it is meant to be undying love, but I find it interesting that they chose locks!

A beautiful park along the Dnepr River. I am sure this place is more gorgeous when things are green!

Nice Soviet staute....

I am ashamed to say I don't know which church this is... However, I can tell you it is at the top of a hill!

Dpner River View

Statue in Independence Square

Kievo-Pecherskaya Lavra
This is what makes Kyiv the "Russian Jerusalem"
This statue of a young girl was right outside the entrance to the Lavra. Not sure what it was about, but I thought it was quite beautiful.

Mural at the entry way of Kievo-Pecherskaya Lavra. Now, this was like a small village with many buildings. The main thing I wanted to see were the caves.

The caves were down this way. Notice the huge statue in the middle left. Sure were alot of hills :)

Going into the cave was the highlight of the trip. You go in, purchase a candle for like 20 cents so that you can see where you are going. Remeber, there are remains of many important monks here. The people who were visiting (who were not tourists), were obviously here on a spiritual mission. So, you go through the underground passages, and the people are there - a painting, and then the bones (I suppose) are wrapped in cloth, and displayed in a glass coffin. Kissing these things must remove sin or do something to ease suffering.There were also places to get holy water here too. Women have to cover their heads, and holding hands is not allowed!

The first signs of Spring!!!!! Little blue flowers on the grounds at the Lavra...It was snowing in Moscow today.... We have a while to go.

So, it WAS St. Patrick's Day! So, some of us went to this Irish Restaurant. There were some young kids there who were learning about Ireland. Apparently, they had studied alot of geography. The new Nashville was the capital of Tennnessee, and knew about country music! Just a random shot out my apartment window... park on the sidewalk and sleep in your car! I think within the last year, Ukraine has eased it's visa requirement for US citizens - as none are required. The story I am told is this - there was a contest much like American Idol, and the winner was from Ukraine. They figured they could boost their tourism revenue if they did not require visas! So, any of you who don't want to deal with the cost and hassle of a Russian visa - I think Kyiv is your spot to visit! It is much smaller and cheaper than Moscow, and more people speak English. I certainly want to go back!

Something I never looked for in the US was Georgian food. This is really the best food I've had here. Shashlik, much like kabob, is cooked on charkol (however you spell), and the kachapuri (cheese bread) is sooooo good. I ate at the same restaurant all 3 nights I was there... And yes, I had chicken Kiev - twice.



Sharon said...

Michelle, I just love to follow your blog. I feel like I'm traveling with you. It's amazing how many beautiful buildings there are. I really like the quirky bits you observe and toss into the mix.
Things are good in BG. I submitted my forms to retire starting June 1, 2009.
A friend, Judy Scott, who works with WKU's international program was interested in your blog so you might hear from her.
Keep up the good work. Love, Sharon

Michelle said...

Hey Sharon! Yes, Mom told me you were going to retire. Congratulations! Sure, share it with anyone!

It is finally getting a bit warmer here. I am going to St. Petersburg next week, so there will be more beautiful buildings!