Saturday, January 24, 2009


Well, believe it or not, the broomball game was cancelled this morning because it is so warm here that the ice was metling.

So, I am going exploring again today - to a grocery store that is supposed to be pretty good. The small, local neighborhood shops are OK, but it has been hard for me to find anything I recognize, and even harder for me to cook it - since I still haven't figured my stove out. I did find the manual this morning, but I am still afraid to light it.

I feel much better now that I have internet at home, and they will let me install skype on my work computer. I will also get my cell phone on Monday, and I will be able to sign up for Russian lessons then too.

I'll take my camera with me today on my excursion, and see if there is anything worth taking pictures of.

Then, I think I'll do yoga via CD (thanks Jim), and then probably take a nap!

Das Vidanya!

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