Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Interesting observances

Obviously, I can't walk around with a camera taking pictures of people, but here are some interesting things I've seen:

  • The ladies here have figured out how to walk/run in high heels on the ice.
  • With the young men, they like to slide on the ice like they were ice skating.
  • I have seen two dogs wearing pants - like a whole snow suit!
  • I have seen one cat in my building, and it looks very scared.
  • The furs - yes, there are lots of fur coats and hats, and yes, they do wear the square-type fur hats we think of.
  • Interesting clothing patterns - like tights/pantyhose with rose designs.
  • Sometimes people wear the same clothes for several days at work.
  • The metro at rush hour is CRAMMED full.
  • In public, people hardly talk or make eye contact.
  • Women do not shake hands here, however men are always expected to.
  • The checkout girls at the grocery near me wear little blue hats and blue eyeshadow. Perhaps it is a themed grocery store?
  • The apartments vary wildly here. Some unusual furniture and decorations and colors.
  • I only have Russian tv right now. I watch alot of MTV and SouthPark.

That is all I can think of right now. I'll try to get some more pictures soon.

Work is going well, and I think I've found an apartment I like, so eating is still my biggest challenge. Last night, I had instant mashed potatoes and bread and cheese. I just need to take the time to go to one of the big, good grocery stores. I guess it is kind of like trying to eat from the Minit Mart.....

I'll talk to you soon!


Mom said...

Thanks for the update on Russian culture. I bet it hard for you not to shake hands. Dad said you think you will take the apartment that you saw on Monday. It is very nice from the pictures.

Michelle said...

Yes, I think that is going to be the one for me. However, I will look at a few more this week.

Kozan Bob said...
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Kozan Bob said...

Nat, Сьюзан и он к Atlanta этот викэнд. Как будет ночой жизнь?

Did you get your email straightened out? Which one should we use?

I'd really like to see some pics of the fashions you're talking about, if you can sneak a pic. And what's available in the big grocery stores, when you do go.

Имейте потеху!

Michelle said...

Bob, don't write to me in Russian, I can't read it!!!!!

I'm afraid to take pictures of some things, people are very closed in public... but my cell phone has a camera... I have to figure it out!

I'll see what I can do. You can use my peopelpc email, that is working...

das vidanya