Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sorry it took so long

Ok, well I arrived on Saturday - about 11 am. Got through customs ok, and my driver was there to meet me. He took me to my apartment, which takes 3 keys to get into..... On the wall, it is painted floor #6, but you get off the elevator at floor #3 (imagine that)...... I have no internet at home, so that is why it has taken me so long to post this...... Here are some pics from my apartment (I actually quite like it!)
I looked an an apartment last night of a girl at my work who is moving to Germany - but I really think her place is bigger than what I want to pay for. The market is very soft here, so I should be able to find something much cheaper than what her place would cost me. So, I will begin looking with a realtor later this week or next week.
Two interesting things happened in the last 24 hrs. When I got home last night, there was an obviously drunk man trying to get into my apartment building. I have a magnetic key that opens the door, but I guess you can call people's apt., and they can let you in. Whoever he wanted to see was not letting him in. He was wobbling, and about to fall over. He walked away from the stoop, and I quickly moved in and opened the door, and quickly pulled it closed.... He kept knocking on the door, but could not get in......
Then, this morning on the metro - I got on the car, and a man motioned that there was an empty seat. Well, in the process of sitting down, I must've sort of sat on him..... He was cussing me, I am pretty sure! I just looked at him... I have no idea what he said....
It is all really interesting here. I am glad I am here, and I will keep you updated!
oh yeah, if you are sending email to my old work email address, I don't think it is forwarding yet.
Love you!

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