Friday, January 30, 2009

Some pics!

A car parked on the sidewalk!

Notice all of the snow still on the sidewalk. This is why walking can be hazardous.
Exactly why you do not wear good shoes outside.

So, at work, there is a huge "wardrobe." It is the first place you go. Take your coat and boots off. I have been leaving my shoes at my desk, so I walk down the hall in my socks.

I haven't seen any furs at work really. Wonder what that means? :)

The people here are really great. Last night, we went to a sausage restaurant. I'm sure there was more than sausage to order, but it was an interesting, fun time!

I believe I will be moving on Sunday to my new apartment. Good thing I only have 3 bags... so, it should be an easy move.

Another fun thing coming up - Superbowl Sunday - which will be about 2 am Monday morning for us. Several of us are going to a sportsbar somewhere here in Moscow to watch, then we will go to work!

It is still pretty warm here - above freezing. I am told it will be -15 C pretty soon. I think in the US we alway think of temperature in F - so, if it were -15F that WOULD be really cold. But, I know recently there has been some pretty severe weather in the US. I hope everyone is safe and warm.

I'll talk to you later!

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