Wednesday, January 21, 2009

More detail on the pictures

Sorry about the format of the last post. I was in a hurry at work.

So, you can see my apartment has laminate wood flooring - no carpet - which is good because it would be a muddy mess. Basically, the sidewalks and streets stay a bit icy. They seem to clean it each day, but it really does no good because the snow keeps falling. However, this morning, there was no new snow. You really have to be careful about falling.

I like the yellow walls and crown molding in my apt. I like the green in the bedroom. The kitchen is very small, but that is ok. I really think eating out will be the way for me. On Sunday, I went to a couple of grocery stores nearby - small, local ones - and I really struggled to find something I wanted. I ended up with pasta and spaghetti sauce. When I got home, I realized I had to light the pilot on the stove. I had no matches, and was scared to try, so I had kinda hard pasta cooked in the microwave for 30 minutes..... The next night, I bought a cheese pastry at the metro stop for like 50 cents.....

Notice the little chandeliers around the light fixtures.... cute.

So, all I have is Russian TV....good thing I am not home much...

To get to the office - I have to walk to the metro - less than 10 minutes, go three stops, and then take a shuttle to the office. If you get to the metro before 8 am, it is not so crowded. It is VERY crowded at rush hour. I am certainly getting my exercise by walking, which is good. It really has not been very cold here - in the 30's - very tolerable with my coat and boots.

We have two offices here in Moscow. I am working with one group here, but will move to the other office in a few months.

Oh, here are a few pics from my Sunday outing (I wanted to make sure I could find the office on the metro)

These are both in Red Square:

And here is one of the park in front of my apartment -


Aunt Shirley said...

Glad to get the updates. The apartment does look really nice. Better watch where you sit! Heck it's colder here than in Moscow. Sounds like the next few weeks are really going to be an experience. Thanks for sharing and take care of yourself.
Aunt Shirley

Michelle said...

I know - it is warmer here in Moscow! This morning walking to the metro, I did not have hat or gloves on and the snow was metling.