Saturday, August 1, 2009

Last Saturday Pics

So, this was not last Saturday... this is my rent money... I pay my rent in cash... 1000 Rubles is about $30.
The envelope I hand it over in....
The 3 patty cheeseburger at Starlite Diner.... He ate it all....

Young kids making out in the grass outside the Kremlin wall... Most people live with their parents, so they don't have too many private places to go.

Alexandrovsky sad - Alexander's Garden by the Kremlin
Ornamental cabbage
Platform, metal spike heels, good for a stroll in the Kremlin...
Gardens inside the Kremlin.... There is not a ton to see inside the walls of the Kremlin... Some really nice churches, but you cannot take pictures inside.
Sunset at 11:30 pm... from my kitchen window.
Life is seeming to have some normalcy now.... I know where to find what I need, and work is getting a bit better... One sad thing is alot of people are leaving...
I may try to find a weekend trip for this month. I will go to Germany in September, and back to the US in October.... August is the big vacation month here, so things will be pretty quiet.

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