Sunday, April 26, 2009


Today, I spent the day at a park near the Kremlin and at New Maidens' Convent and Cemetary. Today, I'll probably only post the first set of pictures.
Here is a nice fountain near Red Square - not sure when they turn the fountains on - but I think probably in May.
Picture of person sleeping on a bench while no one seems to notice... See the guy - the second to right of the sleeping man - well, he had a boombox, and was playing some CD that seemed to be for sale.
I'm not really sure what these people were doing, but they were singing a song about Stalin.
Nice fountain inside GUM mall. Notice the blooming cherry trees - they are not real! But, they sure are pretty!
I am quite proud of this picture. Remember before I told you of a spot near Red Square that is supposed to be the center of Russia - where you toss a coin? Well, here it is without the snow. So, here we have a babushka (grandmother) and a devushka (like lady - not a young girl). I think the babushka was trying to pick up the coins that were being tossed for luck. Notice how nicely the devushka is dressed, pretty coat, belt, and high heels... Oh, here, it is quite acceptable to yell, "devushka" when trying to get your waitress' attention in the restaurant.
Fairy tale fountain!
The garden outside of the Kremlin is going to be beautiful when all of these tulips bloom! I can't wait to see it. Bulbs are coming up everywhere!
View from right outside Kremlin wall.
When I walk to the Kremlin from my apartment, this is where I go. I really like this area. People sitting around on the benches, the hill, just a peaceful area. That is what I realized today, people will just sit for hours and talk here in the parks - I don't really think we do that too much in the US. I think our parks are designed with something other than sitting in mind.

On my way, today I went a street over. I saw this sign in flowers for Yakimanka Street. There is also a flower sign for Moscow, and a clock, but it seems the flowers are not there yet.

I'll post the other pictures tomorrow. The New Maiden's Convent was really nice, and I saw Boris Yeltsin's grave. Very, very nice spring day in Moscow!


Kozan Bob said...

Beautiful pics! And I'm glad they understand what parks are for. But songs about Stalin? That can't be good!

Michelle said...

Well Bob, my Russian is not THAT good. I suppose it could've been something else they were singing about!