Saturday, April 11, 2009

My next trip & Spring in Moscow!

In a few weeks, I will be going to Italy. I've had this yoga retreat on my list for awhile, but now it is much easier to get to, and everything just worked out.

I look forward to wandering around eating pasta and pizza and going to the hot springs.

Afterwards, I will spend a few days in Rome.....

Right now, my current travel list contains the following cities - Prague, Budapest, Istanbul, Krakow, Split Croatia....

Today was the first really nice day in Moscow. Warmer and sunny. It was probably in the high 40s. I walked up to Red Square and looked a the gardens near the Kremlin. There were little bulbs poking through the ground, and that was a nice re-assurance that Spring is coming. I can't wait to see things in bloom!

When I walked home, I did see some crocus that had bloomed. Very nice!

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