Monday, April 27, 2009

Novodevichy Convent and Cemetery

Please read about the Convent that was built in 1524... Another Unesco World Heritage Site (other was the Lavra in Kiev) that I was able to visit! Apparently Peter the Great put two unwanted wives here :)

Ok, we are going backwards again... Below is the cemetery - this is Boris Yeltsin's grave. It is the Russian Flag waving. The cemetery was quite interesting. The headstones all (except this one) are very personal, and many have pictures of the person - like etchings, and some sculptures...

This was the walkway between the convent and cemetery. I thought these little ducks were cute!

This little dog - his stick was much bigger than him!

I know - so many pictures of flowers... but these had bloomed! Funny thing - they were by the mens toilet....Not sure what that means.

Here is the Convent. There were several buildings and if you read the link above, you will know what they are.

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