Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My Birthday!

Was yesterday. Here, it is quite a celebration. It is sort of the opposite of the US (and seems to be Europe) - as when it is your birthday - you do something for other people. If you invite people out - you are expected to pay for it all. In return, you get beautiful flowers and a very sincere congratulations!

So, in one office, I ordered pizzas, the other office, I had cakes and candies.

Here is a picture of my first bouquet of flowers!

Then, at the other office some of my neighbor co-worker girls left me these flowers and candy!

Then, yet more flowers! And a gift certificate to a spa!

I like birthdays in Russia!


Kozan Bob said...

Damn, I've gotten behind on everything this month - I got behind on your blog, and missed your birthday! Sorry.... sounds like it went OK, though.

Michelle said...

No worries, Bob... Birthdays are much bigger than in the US. In fact, in the HR database at work, it gives your birthday so everyone can know....