Saturday, April 25, 2009

Saturday - Shopping and Spring

Usually I sort my pictures in chronological order, but I am tired tonight. I heard some fireworks going off tonight, and looked out my balcony - here is a picture of my view.
Some spring flowers!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!
Nice green grass!
Sparrow Hill
So, I told you before that people get married, and then go around Moscow taking pictures and drinking at all of the tourist spots. Since Lent is over, the weddings are happening again, and we saw alot of people taking pictures today!
Drinking in public is very acceptable here. Notice the champagne bottles on the ledge. Amazingly, it does not seem to get out of hand. I mean, you do see people really drunk sometimes staggering in the metro - but they are not aggressive.

Make your own party!

Sparrow Hill is a look-out point at Moscow State University. Here is the main building of the University.
This seemed to be a gathering of super-cool cars and their owners. I realize my picture cuts off most of the good part of the convertible section - sorry - but there was a group gathered, music was playing, and there seemed to be some breakdancing going on...
Another example of drinking in public.
Nice rows of birch trees!
More builidings of MGU
So, I was shopping today at a really nice mall - and came across this Tshirt that had "Tennessee" on it, so of course I bought it. When I got home, I researched if this place was real.... I did find information on "Joe's Farm," but so far no "Joel's Farm"... oh well - pretty cool to find here in Moscow!

I do feel a huge relief that it seems spring is here. Everyone who knows me, knows I love spring time - all of the wildflowers and being out in nature. Seeing the flowers today gives me hope, and reminds me of renewal.
I don't talk about work here, but it is quite challenging and things move very slow here. I love the people and the city - but it seems that every day, I revise my strategy of how to move forward.
Tomorrow it is supposed to be 70F - I am trying to learn Celsius - that is maybe like 20 C?. I think I will walk up to the Kremlin in the morning, and spend the afternoon in another park with a friend.

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