Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Again, there will be alot of stuff I probably get wrong. Sure wish I had that Advanced European History book that is in storage...
Well, this is the Vatican Musem. It really reminded me of the Hermitage in St. Petersburg. Endless works of art. Our guide told us that if you looked at each piece of art for one minute, it would take you twelve years to see it all. So, this will be a high-level overview!
They have these placards of the Sistine Chapel in the main courtyard because you cannot talk in the chapel or take pictures since it is a sacred place. It was incredible......it was at the end.
I don't quite know what this is, but I've seen this image before.
I am really embarassed I don't know the name of this...

Lots of sarcofi (spelling?) sarcophagus plural....
sarcophagus -
Greek Antiquity. a kind of stone thought to consume the flesh of corpses, used for coffins.
Persues with the head of Medusa
Ceiling shot. Sorry, I don't know exactly what it was. Many of these pictures are not the greatest.
Bronze statue. I was told that the grape leaves are relatively recent additions:)
Another ceiling.

We were told this was probably a menu. It is a mosaic.
This was in the tapestry hall. It is the Ressurection of Jesus. Sorry it is blurry... No flashes were allowed... But, I wanted you to see it.

Again, I am really mortified that I do not know whose work this is. I think it is Rafael....
My pictures of the School of Athens painting were not so good, but I really do remember that one from high school.

So, no pics in the Sistine Chapel.... Apparently some Japanese company paid for the cleaning of the ceiling, and they have all the rights to the photography. As I said before, it was truly amazing... So detailed and intricate. And if I remember correctly, it took 4 years to paint, which is incredible.
Here is a link to a site where you can see photos.

This is infront of St. Peter's Cathedral looking out to Vatican City.
I am sad to say, I did not go in St. Peter's Cathedral. The tour was supposed to be 2 hrs, but it was 3+ and i was starving, and supposed to meet someone. I would have liked to see La Pieta and a few other things. Maybe next time.
Not quite sure what crowd they were expecting, as I think the Pope is in the Middle East this week.
The Trevi Fountain

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