Friday, May 8, 2009

More Casperia Pics

Mosaic right inside the first steps of Casperia.

One day I was walking around in the countryside, and found this watering trough. I suppose it is for livestock since it was a rural area, and there were cows and horses around. It was built in April 1880. I thought it was quite a lovely spot. You probably could drink this water. There are many spots in Italy where there are fountains you can drink from since the water is piped down from the mountains.

I must say I have a new respect for the conditions necessary for growing grapes for wine. Each morning was very cool and humid. The sun warmed it up, and each afternoon, it rained a bit.
This morning, you can see the fog in the valleys. I am sure this somehow all contributes to great wine. Not sure if I said it before, but the loudest thing in Casperia was the sound of the birds' wings as they flew by.

I took the train from the airport in Rome to Poggio Mirteto. We passed though the most beautiful area - what I think is Farfa. There is a very broad river, and it was fully of kayakers that day. This picture below is from the train station at Poggio Mirteto. Next time, I will surely check out Farfa.
I am back in Moscow now, but have tons more pictures to post.

Tomorrow is Victory Day in Russia. We are going to walk up past the Kremlin to see if we can see any part of the parade with the nuclear missles.... quite a change from Casperia :)

Oh, as I came in from the airport, I noticed alot of the tulips had bloomed. Since Red Square will be closed tomorrow, I will try to go Sunday and get some pics of the gardens there.

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