Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Russian Airlines

Before I forget, I wanted to share the story of my flight to Rome.

My flight was around 9:30 am. No issues at airport, but the flight was a little late.

This story is 100% true. My seat neighbors were all Russian. Turns out, from Siberia actually. Well, the guy in front of me bought a bottle of scotch or something in the airport duty-free shop. No where else have I seen this happen before - but I have heard other stories. They broke out the bottle, and drank it straight - in the little plastic glasses they give you for water.

They were standing around me - he had friends beside and behind me - so it was like a regular party! They had some crackers and sausage and were quite jovial. They were really sweet when they finally understood that I don't speak very good Russian. I got out my remedial Russian papers, and they had fun going over basic verbs with me. One guy even invited me to his house in Siberia....

It just seems to me, these people pretty much do whatever they want and don't worry too much about the rules.

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