Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Clean Apartment!!!

My cleaning person came today! What a wonderful feeling... All these years, I've been very bad at housekeeping, and I never thought about hiring someone to do it! I love it!!!

So, here is my hallway. I took up the carpet runner, because I prefer the tile. Yes, that is a DRYING RACK - we don't have dryers here.... So, my cleaning person brought that, because I have no idea where one might buy that - well, I sort of do, but it is quite inconvenient to travel there and carry home on the metro.

Everyone who knows me, knows I would NEVER make up my bed.... Nice to have it done for me. They also ironed all of my shirts and pants I had over at the ironing board and hung them up for me!

My nice kitchen.... The yellow is actually growing on me.
Nat - my chianik (hot water pot) will beat anything you find in the US. My water is boiling in like 30 seconds!
I love my window!!! I love the little park it overlooks.

A note on curtains... there always seems to be some lacy thing with designs... that doesn't block light at all... Imagine that it doesn't get dark until late - and seriously, it is super bright at 5 am.... So, it is good to have some light blocking curtains.


Debbi said...

Michelle, I was just thinking about you this week. Seems like things are going well for you in your new homeland. The Dallas office is getting ready to move building. I will be glad when many elements of my life finally settle down. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures. Take care, Debbi Priest

Michelle said...

Hey Debbi! I'll catch up with you on sametime this week! Has been quite crazy here too. I am sure learning about getting settled in! Thanks for the comment.