Thursday, October 22, 2009

Cloud blasting...

I must say this is a concept I have never encountered before, but I met with a few times in Moscow... apparently they can disburse some chemicals into the atomosphere to make it not rain.... and not snow.....

Well, the Mayor of Moscow has decided maybe it is more cost effective to do this than to let it snow this year......

Moscow will blast clouds from the sky this winter to save money on snow removal, a city official said Wednesday, but the plan threatens to anger the surrounding region, which would have to cope with the extra powder.
Airborne snowfall prevention will save the city about 300 million rubles ($10.2 million) this winter, said Andrei Tsybin, head of City Hall’s department for public works and utilities. Moscow is ready to spend about 180 million rubles to disperse clouds “in the event of very big and serious snowfall,” he said at a news conference.
Mayor Yury Luzhkov is a long-time proponent of fighting clouds by spraying liquid nitrogen, silver, or cement particles into the cloud mass, which forces precipitation to fall before it can reach the capital and spoil holidays like Victory Day and City Day.

What do you think?


d ogo said...

very cool


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Adelaide said...


Mili said...
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Mili said...

What war did Ismailovski fight in and what did he do and what side was he on? I figured out what the translation of the word Kremlin from Russian to English is. How long will you be in Russia and how did you adjust to the culture? Do you work for a company that said you must get a job transfer there? What was your initial take on the culture? Did you start learning Russian before you went there? How hard or how easy was it for you to learn the language? I think some people in Russia make/weave their own carpets, not to say that none are imported from the Middle East, but I think that their carpet weavings may have similar designs. I think their take on the ethical treatment of animals is that if your going to kill an animal it doesn't matter how you do it because the animal will end up dead anyway, that being said, I sure hope they don't poach too much, it could ruin the ecology.
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Lola! said...

That's crazy!
I don't know if I'd go for it because I'm sure we'll eventually find that it's super bad for the environment, our health, etc., but I still think it's an amazing idea. Who knew a day like this would ever come when we can actually control the weather?!

Brooka said...

woah its the future, also It's admirable that you moved to russia, i long to go out and travel, experience the world and what not but im scared to do it alone. I mention it in my blog

Lisa said...

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Be Well...

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Ryan Sereno said...

I don't think people should mess with the weather. Just my opinion =)

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vomulous said...

very interesting. I mean, how in the world...........

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Elmunir said...

I hope this will not have an affect of the environment.

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Jewels said...

This is very cool, yet scary at the same time. Should we really be messing with the weather? I'm not really a believe of mystical beings in the sky, but I'm pretty sure the snow clouds gather over Moscow for a reason.

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