Thursday, October 22, 2009


Izmailovsky is the "souvenier market" Ok, I am pretty sure I spelled that wrong, but I am sure you know what I mean. A place to buy nesting dolls, shashlik, dvds, etc...
How nice to be greeted by this statue at the metro..
The green sign says "pizza" - I never tried it, but some of the best hachapuri (Georgian cheese bread) could be bought for like $1.
I am certain PETA does not exist in Russia. One day, I saw bear skins, but the batteries in my camera were dead - so, you only get to see the wolf skin.
Some broken-down part of the market that is hidden away.
Intricate wood-work
Carpet shop.... I really never anticipated the "middle-eastern" influence I felt in Moscow.
Uzbek plates.... I love the colors and design. There was a trash can - it had a picture of the Simpons cartoon - and it said "you don't have to be Uzbek to love Uzbek art".... I have to try to get that picture.
Kiosk where you can buy juice and beer....
Me and my hat that says "PoccNa" well, I don't have cyrillic keyboard. N should be backwards to make the "I" for the word "Russia" It was quite chilly that day. This part of the market is more local artist... and alot of unusual stuff - like antique war medals, clocks, gas masks...
I think this is the "kreml" or kremlin of Izmailovsky...
Nice wooden bear carving - notice the extensive bead display to the left.....


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